Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Jerry Promised

California Watch has a summary of Jerry Brown's "promises" concerning higher ed (and looks at the prospect for higher tuition).

Below are the promises listed as summarized in the article:

Jerry Brown's higher education promises:

Convene a “representative group” to create a new higher education Master Plan: “This situation calls for a major overhaul of many components of the postsecondary system. We need to convene a representative group to create a new state Master Plan."

Create an online “extended university” program: “The introduction of online learning and the use of new technologies should be explored to the fullest, as well as ‘extended University’ programs. Technology can increase educational productivity, expand access to higher learning, and reduce costs.”

Pursue cost savings and fight federal court orders that have driven up state spending in the prison system. "By relentlessly pursuing similar cost savings, we can channel needed funds to our higher education system."

"Given the effective leadership demonstrated in local community colleges, burdensome state regulations and mandates should be kept to a minimum."

"Community college transfer courses should be closely aligned with, and accepted by, the CSU and UC systems. For example, transfer students are often forced to take redundant courses to graduate from the CSU/UC system even though they have completed equivalent coursework in community college."

As the image above shows, however, there are treatment centers for promises.

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Meanwhile: let's hear what Eartha Kitt has to say about promises:

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