Monday, November 15, 2010

Inching Toward Michigan

The main event of the upcoming Regents meeting is discussion (not decision) on the Yudof recommendation of Option C on the pension plan. But there is also scheduled a discussion of enrollment of out-of-state students at UC. You can find the announcement at

It is scheduled on the morning of Nov. 17, after an open public comment session. (Those open comment sessions have tended to be a bit raucous of late.) If you click on the link above to the out-of-state student session, you won’t find any back-up material. The announcement just says Provost Pitts will review past enrollment trends.

Despite the limited information in the announcement, the attraction of out-of-state students – who pay full freight and thus generate revenue – along with the continual rise in in-state tuition - is part of UC’s unspoken inching towards the “Michigan Model,” an approach discussed in earlier posts.

The entire Regents 3-day meeting – except for the closed sessions – is live streamed (audio only) at But it is not recorded in an archive. Yours truly may try to record and preserve some of it. But that will depend on my schedule, not clear at this time. In the meantime, you can ponder why the Regents do not archive the audio for later playback.

And you can ponder the arithmetic of inching towards Michigan:

UPDATE: The LA Times has an article on recruitment of out-of-state students at,0,4096476.story

UPDATE: Somewhat related: The California Supreme Court has just issued a ruling indicating that in-state tuition for illegal aliens who attended state high schools is okay. Decision at

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